Expert Residential Design

Kent & Kent specializes in the following:

  • Residential design for new construction
  • Remodeling and renovations
  • Interior and exterior build outs

We design for residential new construction by collaborating with you. Your lifestyle, your personal taste, and the needs of your family are all part of the equation. Our job is to design a house plan that yields value, comfort, and aesthetic beauty.

We also remodel existing homes to maximize utility, expand square footage and achieve fresh curb appeal. Consult with us and ensure you capture all the benefits. The question is, what can we design for you?

Beach House
 and Coastal Home Design

We have decades of experience with new coastal home design and create beachfront residential plans around the glories of sunrises and sunsets. Or perhaps your ocean side property entails a renovation project—an extra bathroom, the addition of a second floor, or a build out. Kent & Kent evaluates the feasibility of remodeling your existing residence and provides cost effective design options.

Lake Home Design

lake home design houston txThere is nothing more relaxing than living near the water. We design new construction and remodel plans to accentuate the waterway lifestyle. You may need a kitchen renovation, extra living space, or a wrap porch that takes advantage of a panoramic water view. Whatever your requirements, we design with the future in mind so that your dwelling comfortably accommodates family, friends and gatherings.

Golf Course Home Design

Kent & Kent are experts at optimizing your view of the scenic greens. Whether you dream of living on the fairway or already own property on the front nine, back nine, or links, our hands-on philosophy and creativity helps residential clients claim the best in modern golf course living. Our remodels ensure your home is well proportioned and focuses on window placement, patio orientation, deck structure and privacy.

Country Home Design

country home design houston texasTraditional country living merges architecture and the great outdoors. You may prefer a ranch-style residence, a classic farmhouse, a Cape Cod cottage, or a grand southern plantation-style home. We help you bring a new home to life or remodel deep porches and a veranda, or barns and guest lodging. We design according to your heart’s desire and attend to details such as shuttered windows, dormers and gables to complement your charming home.

Vacation Home Design

vacation home design houston txYou may desire residential property that is informal and quaint, or a luxury villa with all the bells and whistles. We collaborate with you to achieve the perfect getaway—a cozy seaside abode, a lakefront cabin nestled in the woods. We can also design space that doubles as a writing nook or art studio. Whatever your heart desire, we design and renovate residences with memorable vacations in mind, including practical lofts, split levels and split entries.