Meet the Kents

Alan Kent Donna Kent

Kent & Kent, Inc. is owned by the husband and wife team of Alan and Donna Kent.

About Alan

Alan Kent, CPBD, FAIBD, has been fascinated with design since enrolling in his 9th grade mechanical drawing class. His father, an engineer, installed an engineering drawing table in Alan’s bedroom, which Alan used all through high school. “I preferred doodling over Beowulf,” he says of his early interest in architecture, design and graphics.

Alan received a Bachelor’s of Industrial Arts degree with a major in Architectural Design and Drafting from Sam Houston State University in 1971. While serving as an Associate Professor at Texas A&M in the Engineering Design Graphics Department, he earned a Masters of Industrial Education degree with a major in Engineering Design Graphics in 1976. Alan pursued a Doctor of Education degree at Texas A&M specializing in Computer Aided Design. He and his team received the 1978 Oppenheimer Award (Mississippi State University) for outstanding research. He completed his doctoral research, but the doctoral committee was still not fully understanding of the future of computers. Alan received a job offer in Houston and relocated instead of completing his doctoral dissertation.

Alan is recognized as a certified Professional Building Designer by the American Institute of Building Design (AIBD) and the National Council of Building Designer Certification (NCBDC). He has received more than 50 awards for excellence in residential design, the latest being an induction into the College of Fellows of the American Institute of Building Design.

About Donna

Donna Kent graduated with a degree in Marketing from Texas A&M in 1979 and has assisted Alan with building Kent & Kent into a nationally recognized residential design firm. She manages the front office, oversees the company’s HR functions, interacts with clients and accompanies Alan during consultations.


Please see the company’s Awards Page which details the recognition Alan and Donna have achieved while collaborating with hundreds of satisfied residential design customers.